Fiberglass (FRP) Extreme Weather Door

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Fiberglass FRP Extreme Weather Door


  1. Waterproof & Moisture Resistant
  2. Storm proof and Impact Resistant
  3. Hurricane Ready and High Strength
  4. Lightweight and Non-Warping
  5. Insulated for Climate Control
  6. 50 Year No-Warp Guarantee
  7. Outperforms Other Comparable Doors
  8. Longer Lasting than Vinyl
  9. Also Available in Faux Wood Finish
  10. Five Times the Insulation of Wood
  11. Less Maintenance than Comparable Doors
  12. Stronger than Steel Pound for Pound


  1. Height: 80in
  2. Width: 36in
  3. Thickness: 1.75in


If you can kick a hole in this door, we will give it to you for free!

Made in the USA, SingCore manufactures (mfgs) fiberglass (FRP) doors can withstand extreme weather conditions such as tropical storms and hurricanes. With our patented green-core technology, our doors are lightweight, high strength, and impact resistant.

SingCore’s FRP extreme weather doors have been specially designed, engineered and tested to keep your family and home safe and secure from extreme weather and high winds. SingCore’s patent and patent-pending green-core technology is the world’s foremost way to manufacture (mfg) the most lightweight and strongest door that you can buy on the market today.

Main Features:

Waterproof & Moisture Resistant
Storm proof and Impact Resistant
Hurricane Ready and High Strength
Lightweight and Non-Warping
Insulated for Climate Control
50 Year No-Warp Guarantee
Outperforms Other Comparable Doors
Longer Lasting than Vinyl
Also Available in Faux Wood Finish
Five Times the Insulation of Wood
Less Maintenance than Comparable Doors
Stronger than Steel Pound for Pound

Other Features:

SingCore FRP doors outperform and last longer than comparable vinyl doors
SingCore FRP doors are available in a variety of colors and finishes
SingCore FRP doors have much lower maintenance in comparison to other materials
SingCore FRP doors are also available in faux wood finish
SingCore Fiberglass FRP Doors have at least five times more insulation than wood

SingCore FRP extreme weather doors give your home the safety, security, and protection you and your family deserve. When a hurricane or tropical storm bring extreme weather or high winds to your home, make sure you have SingCore FRP extreme weather doors installed. SingCore FRP extreme weather doors are impact resistant and can stand up to high winds and flying debris.

The doors to your home are usually the weaker points in a structure’s integrity. SingCore FRP weather resistant and extreme weather doors are a sure way to protect your home or business. When you have SingCore FRP extreme weather doors installed, you can be confident your FRP doors will not fail during extreme weather, tropical storms, or hurricane like conditions. The for When wind forces hit a building, all loads are transferred to the door guides and wall angle. There are two load forces exerting on the hurricane proof doors. Dead load represents the total door hang weight while the wind pressure forces are live load. The critical wall fasteners within the opening height handle transferring the live load. Though not constant, live load forces can greatly exceed the dead load force. Having a solid, full height door mounting surface at the door jamb is critical. Our Fiberglass FRP Doors are not only extremely lightweight, but stronger than steel pound for pound and can be guaranteed to be truly flat.

Protect your home and family by installing SingCore FRP extreme weather doors. With SingCore extreme weather doors you are safe from door failures. High winds from hurricanes or tropical storms cause impacts from debris that lead to property damage or people injured or killed. Do not get left stranded without a door and have a wide opening on your home during extreme weather conditions because not only will you not want to make repairs to your home during a storm or hurricane, you will unlikely find any stores open and driving conditions will be dangerous. Not to mention, without doors, you, your family, and your property are no longer secure inside your home without a door to shut and lock. High winds and hurricanes will seriously affect your doors. If your doors fail, they will create openings into your home. Those new openings will allow air to forcefully flow into your home. The force from those high winds caused by extreme weather, tropical storms, or hurricanes can fill your house so fast with outside air that the roof of your home will blow right off!

If you live in an area where hurricanes are a common natural disaster, it’s important that you take precautions to prepare and protect your home from damaging winds and flying debris.

Large Production Capacity:

When you order from SingCore, your satisfaction is our number one priority. We will manufacture (mfg) your doors at a lower cost and higher quality possible by competitors and we deliver on time and on budget. We have the production capacity for any order, large or small. We manufacture (mfg) any custom size FRP door for your extreme weather needs including tropical storm or hurricane conditions.

Additional information

Weight 40 oz
Dimensions 80 × 1.75 × 80 in


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