Singcore 5 Drawer Dresser Fully Assembled And Finished



Fully Assembled And Finished!

Largest, Most Lightweight 5-Drawer Dresser In The USA Ever Made!

SingCore’s new, revolutionary furniture is chic, strong, lightweight, long lasting, and versatile.

Made in the USA, our high quality furniture can easily be knocked-down and flat-packed for easy storage, assembly, disassembly, transport and/or moving. 


  1. Biggest – Extra large drawers. More storage capacity than any other 5 drawer dresser.

  2. Strongest – Built with patented SingCore technology.

  3. Lightweight – Weighs less than any dresser its size because of SingCore technology.

  4. Ships Flat – Low shipping costs. Use less storage space.

  5. Easy Assembly – Fully assembles in minutes.

  6. Versatile – Can easily be converted into an Armoire.

SingCore furniture uses a patented torsion box technology which gives our furniture the ability to hold up to 600 pounds. 

SingCore is proud to have built the world’s largest, most lightweight door in the world. This accomplishment could only have been done by using SingCore’s patented torsion box technology.


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Collapsible flat pack for easy moving!

  • 5 drawer dresser with over-sized drawers
  • Port Orford Cedar with patented SingCore plywood
  • Lightweight dresser that is great for storage
  • Dresser Size: 47″ Wide 50″ Tall 20″ Deep
  • Drawer Size 41 3/4″Wide 9″High 17″Deep
  • Everything comes finished and assembled.

The dresser comes in a natural wood finish, solid wood drawers (sides, back and bottom) faced with our honeycomb core butcher block laminated wood stave fronts. Drawer sliding mechanisms are precision placed so drawers open and close smoothly and drawers sit flush to the furniture. The dresser weighs at least 1/3 less than comparable furniture, and there’s no MDF or fiber-board to add to the weight. This dresser is easy to put together. The dresser drawers are strong enough for a man to stand on so you can store more in your dresser drawers with no worries about the drawer bottoms falling out or falling apart.


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