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Medium Tiny House!

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102” x 173” exterior dimensions 117” sloping to 98” tall

Two double-hung windows (30.5” x 39.75” window in front, 35.5” x 47.5” rear window).

Mahogany trim, both interior and exterior.

Ondura roofing panels installed on top of synthetic roof underlayment.

SingCore door installed with mahogany trim and aluminum threshold.

Sing Tiny Houses are simple, functional and elegant. This brand new grey colored tiny house uses the patented SingCore substrate giving it a longer lasting advantage. It is built with high strength, high precision, with great insulation and sound deadening qualities. It is stronger compared to the other traditionally available materials. The SingCore Tiny House is a huge benefit to the Tiny House community!

Want a different color for the body and trim? Contact us and let’s see if we can customize your brand new Medium Tiny House!

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Additional information

Weight 19520 oz
Dimensions 102 × 173 × 117 in


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