SingCore Bunk Bed With Storage Stair Steps Fully Assembled And Finished



Fully Assembled And Finished!

Largest, Most Lightweight Bunk Bed In The USA Ever Made!

SingCore’s new, revolutionary furniture is chic, strong, lightweight, long lasting, and versatile.

Made in the USA, our high quality furniture can easily be knocked-down and flat-packed for easy storage, assembly, disassembly, transport and/or moving. 


  1. Biggest – Extra large drawers. More storage capacity than any other Bunk Bed.

  2. Strongest – Built with patented SingCore technology.

  3. Lightweight – Weighs less than any Bunk Bed its size because of SingCore technology.

  4. Ships Flat – Low shipping costs. Use less storage space.

  5. Easy Assembly – Fully assembles in minutes.

SingCore furniture uses a patented torsion box technology which gives our furniture the ability to hold up to 600 pounds. 

SingCore is proud to have built the world’s largest, most lightweight door in the world.

This accomplishment could only have been done by using SingCore’s patented torsion box technology.


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Product Features

  • Made with patented SingCore plywood panels!
  • 82 inch long x 62 inch wide x 48 inch tall.
  • Everything comes fully assembled and finished.
  • Roller chairs and steps sold separately.
These bunk beds are made with Sing honeycomb core. This means these bunk beds could last beyond your lifetime. The weight is at least 1/3 less than comparable furniture, and there’s no MDF or fiber-board to add to the weight. Total package includes 6 piece framed panels, 2 pieces of patented Sing panels, and 1 panel with door cutout. Circular cutout window is $80 extra for each cutout. It needs a 2 x 4 for extra support and structure on the bottom front. We provide you the 2 x 4 wood cut list for the frame. The 2 x 4 wood frame pieces can be purchased from your local lumberyard. Stairs and roller chairs are also available. They are sold separately.

Useful ways this can be used:

low profile closet
roll in plus bench
storage bed
captain bed
phone booth
prayer room
kids playroom
music room
bunk house
bunk bed
bunk bed with storage
small office
tea room
phone cave
office cave
zen room
loft bed


Fully Assembled & Finished Bunk Bed

Quantity and Prices:

1 – 4 sets:       $1,150 a piece

5 – 20 Sets:     $850 a piece

21 – 100 Sets: $650 a piece

100+ Sets:       PLEASE CALL US!


Pick-up only. Extra charge for crate and shipping.

Shipping is automatically calculated using local FTL freight company shopping cart plugin.

Crate price is not included with shipping calculation. It must be determined afterward according to the amount and size of items you purchase.

See photos and call us at 360-495-3577 for more details.


Additional information

Weight 16000 oz
Dimensions 82 × 62 × 48 in


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