Hurricane Dorian

Using plywood to protect windows and doors has been the choice for many yet few people do not know that shopping around for a storage shed, tiny house or something that would take the punishment of a powerful storm is just a phone call away.

Hurricanes are no joke. There has been destruction for many years on the East Coast and the Caribbean and it just seems to get worse.

strength test
strength test

Singcore has proven through testing on just how strong and lightweight our panels are. One recent test involved placing a cement block on top of a panel. This block weighed over a ton yet the panel did not even bow past 1 millimeter! Here are some photos of that test. We will even put those videos on Google Drive to show you.

Consider using Singcore substrate for your hurricane doors. Click on link to learn more about purchasing a hurricane door. Give us a phone call to speak directly to a salesperson.

Check with your local millworks or door companies to see if they can work with you

For a quick instructions on using boards on your house for hurricanes and tropical storms, click here.

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