Renting in Seattle Washington and San Francisco California is no joke. One month, the rent is stable, the next month is goes up.

Knowing this, you are going to move around a lot. There is no shame in making a gypsy caravan. There is no shame in renting storage space to save money. Whatever you do, just be sure you have heavy duty furniture.

What you should not use is particle board furniture that is going to fall apart after 2 moves. Busted particle board tends to have exposed wood screws making handling dangerous. Some landlords will take your security deposit it you decide to leave your busted furniture behind.

Got heavy items to put on a shelf? If you are like me, you have a lot of books and 12 inch lps. Records sitting on a shelf get very heavy.

Singcore is the alternative and the right choice.

Our patented substrate makes our furniture 1/3 less weight and stronger than furniture advertised elsewhere. They are even easier to put together than our competitor’s furniture.

Our furniture could last you a lifetime. Give us a call. Let’s us build and ship you superior quality furniture.

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