I am pretty sure that thought crossed your mind. You wind up collecting 1,000’s of records only to find that you either run out of space or the shelf breaks because of the weight.

Vinyl is always stored cool so you don’t have to worry about the heat. But other factors can damage the shelves such as dirt, dust, humidity, pets and smoke. Even normal wear and tear just flipping through records over the years adds up.

Add plastic sheeting over your records adds weight. And you know how slippery they can be if you don’t fill up the shelf so that they stay in place.

There are many various shelving products on the market yet every one of them will not be more lightweight or stronger that the shelves made by SINGCORE. We guarantee it!

While the others may look pretty and cost less, there comes a point where your particle board or plywood will warp, break or just crumble! Just think for a minute what kind of damage can occur to your records if the shelf gives out one day by an accident?

And if you have to move just one 20 foot wood panel? That slab just might break your back because of the weight. A Singcore panel will be 1/3rd the weight.

And if you are a music professional like a Disk Jockey, you move records around a lot or you travel a lot.

Why waste your money on cheap particle board shelves that will fall apart after a couple of moves? Give us a call and let’s see if we can build you some custom records shelves!

Keep Singcore in mind if you want the best.

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